Tarah Kerwin


Relationship Coach

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Finalizing her education, Tarah received her Master’s Degree in Clinical Psychology from the Illinois School of Professional Psychology. She began her career in California as a Marriage and Family Therapist (MFT 47208) working with individuals, couples, and families who were in a crisis. Tarah moved to Arizona in 2010 and began practicing as a relationship wellness coach. Tarah’s cheerful and playful personality coupled with her motivation to help others makes her an invaluable resource.


M.S. Counseling, LPC

Licensed Professional Counselor in the State of Arizona (License #LPC-15858)

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After completing his Master's degree in Counseling, EJ worked in residential and outpatient centers. A large part of EJ’s clinical work focuses on helping others increase awareness around behavioral and cognitive patterns that create obstacles in their life. EJ’s direct but supportive therapeutic style allow others to process deeper thoughts, feelings, and emotions in a safe manner. He feels privileged to work with his wife Tarah helping others build a foundation of love and respect.


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What would your life be like if your relationship was stronger and you felt more connected to your spouse/partner? As a married couple in a blended family with four children, we understand the many challenges that a relationship faces. All relationships require work, and that is why we are passionate about creating a center that provides evidence-based couples therapy. We are exclusively focused on the emotional wellness of our clients and diligently work to help improve your relationship.