Mindfulness Exercises for Couples

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The modern world is full of distractions and obligations. This may lead to increased stress that can cause strain within your relationship with your partner. Mindfulness is a great solution for busy couples to connect with each other. The simplest definition of mindfulness is that it requires you being fully present and focusing your awareness … Continue reading “Mindfulness Exercises for Couples”

Benefits of Attending a Couples Retreat

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Everyday life can get stressful for couples and sometimes you need to take time to relax, connect, and enjoy yourselves. Our couples retreat is a luxurious vacation that you can take with your partner. You get to experience a great weekend getaway while learning techniques that will improve your relationship. Spending time away together helps … Continue reading “Benefits of Attending a Couples Retreat”

How to Increase Emotional Intimacy

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When thinking about intimacy, many people only consider their physical connection with their partner. However, emotional intimacy is something you definitely want to work on. Feeling connected can help build a long-term bond between the two of you. This sense of emotional intimacy can improve your connection and get you through difficult times. This can … Continue reading “How to Increase Emotional Intimacy”

5 Tips on Building a Long-Term Relationship

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When we meet that special person they make us feel attractive, loved and unique and we feel like we’ve discovered true love. Sparks are flying between you and that special someone, and the intimate bond seems inseparable. However, as your relationship matures, the reality of long-term relationships is that it takes work to transition from … Continue reading “5 Tips on Building a Long-Term Relationship”

Top 3 Tips to Create Healthy Communication Channels

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Where does a relationship start? Most relationships begin with a certain sense of mystery. While the start of a relationship is exciting and fun, they’re also the time when you feel out your significant other, with the goal of truly learning about who they are. As you start to get deeper in a relationship, it … Continue reading “Top 3 Tips to Create Healthy Communication Channels”

He Said She Said Counseling – How It Began

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He Said She Said Counseling Center was created by two therapists, Tarah and EJ Kerwin, who have over 25 years of combined experience in the counseling field.  Tarah and EJ, a married couple and blended family with four children felt passionate about creating a counseling center that exclusively focused on emotional wellness of couples and … Continue reading “He Said She Said Counseling – How It Began”