High Frisky – Being the high desire partner in your relationship

If you are “high frisky,” it is possible that you have a partner who has a lower libido than you do. This can be frustrating and, without healthy communication, causes significant tension in your relationship. When this is the case, the key is to talk about your differences and how you feel. You may find […]

Podcast: What To Expect When You Begin Therapy

Therapy can be an intimidating process to begin. Some individuals believe that it means that there is something wrong with them and that the stigma of going to counsel will negatively impact how others perceive them. For some, it is a scary thought to address issues from their past that they have purposely avoided addressing. […]

Forgiveness – Helping couples learn to let go and heal together

Forgiveness is the process of letting go of negative thoughts and feelings from a past event or series of events. Throughout the course of a relationship, it is inevitable that individuals within a couple will have moments where they hurt one another. When couples are unable to forgive one another they build a backlog of […]

How the past affects your current relationship – Interview with Gabe Lobato (Masters Level Intern, business owner, husband and father)

Throughout an individual’s life, they have experiences that shape how they see and interact with the world. Our prior experiences create the way we respond consciously and unconsciously in our relationships. When couples come together, they have entirely different ways to adapt to their environment. When you enter into an intimate relationship, you respond to […]

Reflection and Intentions – Creating purpose with your partner

Taking an honest and empathetic yet critical look at how the past will affect the future helps couples create the loving relationship that they crave. It helps them identify the obstacles that get in the way of healthy conflict resolution. When couples lack the understanding of the roots of the discord in their relationship they […]