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Relationship Renovation Team @ He Said She Said Couples Counseling



From the first moment you enter our care we create a warm and welcoming environment where you know that you will be safe to explore vulnerable issues. Our goal is to support individuals, couples, and families either in preventative care or in times of crisis. Our programming is structured and research based, but also tailored to your specific needs. We look forward to meeting you.



Ben G. Testimony

Let me start off by saying that it’s not common that you meet people in this world that genuinely care about your individual struggles. Tarah & EJ are the type of people that want to go above and beyond to help those in need. It’s a complete understatement to say that they are great at what they do. Their approach to couples counselling created a comfortable environment for both myself and my Fiancé to feel like we could face our obstacles together. We enjoyed learning how to better build the foundation of our relationship by developing our ability to communicate with one another. The different exercises and assignments we were given became a fun challenge for us to overcome together. They kept us focused and motivated even when things got incredibly hard. I write this review in hopes that someone else looking for help can find Tarah and EJ, just like we did. Thank you both for everything you did for us!

- BG

Mai B.

Our experiences with Tarah and EJ have been amazing. It has been wonderful to get both of their perspectives in each session as my husband and I worked through our marital issues. They have shown us kindness, they listen and given us life-changing solutions to our problems. We highly recommend Tarah and EJ as marriage counselors for their professionalism and effectiveness in helping our marriage becomes stronger than ever before.

- MB.

Stephanie A.

Tarah and EJ are the most amazing pair of individuals we have every met. They changed our marriage around and helped us get through one of the most difficult moments in our lives. They always listened to what we needed and provided feedback that helped us improve our marriage. We really liked the fact that they checked in on us periodically and made themselves available. Thanks to them we are in a better place. They are flexible, reliable, and extremely supportive. Best couples therapist in Tucson and worth every penny!

- SA

Taylor K.

I have had the blessing of working with Tarah and EJ. They have the greatest spirits, ever! Both are so wise and intelligent. I love the concept that they work together, they differ in some things so it is awesome to hear two different thoughts on whatever you are facing. But no matter what, they are professional and just want to help with anything they can. They go above and beyond to ensure your comfortableness and to make sure they can assist in every way! There is no doubt in my mind, they will give 110% to help any and every client. I will ALWAYS recommend these two and GUARANTEE anyoneeee, that they will benefit from the counseling!!!

- TK