Relationship Renovation

Couples develop the ability to heal from conflict while building a safe, secure and loving connection.

Relationship Renovation is our 12-week program designed for couples currently facing struggles in their relationship and are finding it difficult to navigate these challenges. Often, the inability to resolve conflict in a healthy manner results in couples feeling disconnected, frustrated and alone. This program focuses on identifying the underlying issues which are preventing healthy resolution and deeper connection. Each 90-minute session is followed with an email focused on areas of growth for that week and delivers specific strategies to create and practice positive skills to strengthen and deepen the bond.

Topics covered in session and workbook:

  • Identifying, clarifying & prioritizing goals in the relationship
  • Understanding and recognizing you and your partner’s feelings and perspectives
  • Gaining awareness around triggers in the relationship
  • Building trust and vulnerability
  • Forgiveness and healing from resentment
  • Understanding and eliminating toxic dynamics
  • Learning strategies for healthy and respectful communication and conflict resolution
  • Exploring and strengthening intimacy skills to foster deeper connection
  • Creating strategies for parenting and family wellness; including co-parenting and blended family issues
  • Developing healthy interdependence and boundaries for the relationship
  • Utilizing mindfulness techniques to stay present and aware during a conflict

We offer a FREE 30-Minute consultation at our offices where we will discuss relationship renovation details. Your relationship could start improving today.

The cost of this 12-week program is $3,000.00
(12) 90-Minute Couples Sessions with EJ & Tarah Kerwin
(1) Follow-up 50 Minute Session Following Completion of Program
Relationship Renovation Manual -(Relationship Resources and Relationship Building Exercises)

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What would your life be like if your relationship was stronger and you felt more connected to your spouse/partner? As a married couple in a blended family with four children, we understand the many challenges that a relationship faces. All relationships require work, and that is why we are passionate about creating a center that provides evidence-based couples therapy. We are exclusively focused on the emotional wellness of our clients and diligently work to help improve your relationship.