How to Increase Emotional Intimacy

A happy couple laughing and smiling, displaying signs of healthy emotional intimacy

When thinking about intimacy, many people only consider their physical connection with their partner. However, emotional intimacy is something you definitely want to work on. Feeling connected can help build a long-term bond between the two of you. This sense of emotional intimacy can improve your connection and get you through difficult times. This can also help your relationship grow and foster a sense of togetherness.

Here are some tips for increasing the emotional intimacy in your relationship:

Try Something New Together

Many couples have a default date night that they repeat on a regular basis. Scheduling a regular date night is a great step to take. However, going to the same place and having the same conversation does not necessarily help increase your emotional closeness. If you’re not trying anything different as a couple, then these date nights start to become routine.

A great way to build intimacy in your relationship is to try something new together. Pick something that neither of you have experienced. This doesn’t necessarily have to be a big dramatic date and can be as simple as taking a cooking class together. Doing something out of your routine opens you up to having new conversations and learning more about each other.

Encourage Honesty

Healthy romantic relationships require you to have some difficult conversations. When you create a long-term connection, you are bound to have conflicts and disagreements. However, even these difficult moments can be great opportunities to increase emotional intimacy with your partner.

Honesty is essential to intimacy. You should encourage your partner to be open with you. Make sure that you remain open to their feelings and strive to really listen to their thoughts without judgement. You should also feel like you can share your thoughts with your partner. Strive to stay emotionally connected, even when you don’t necessarily like or agree with what the other person is saying.

Couples Counseling

It is a common misconception that couples counseling is only for when you are having problems in your relationship. While counseling can definitely help when you are facing a relationship crisis, it can also be helpful for building a strong foundation. A couples counselor can help you learn the skills you need to build emotional intimacy. This is true even for couples who already feel like their relationship is strong.

At He Said She Said, we take a unique approach to couples counseling. We are a married couple that works as a team to provide both a male and a female perspective during your counseling sessions. We are experts in helping couples increase their emotional intimacy and will help you find intimacy-building strategies that you can use in your day-to-day life.

We offer a variety of programs from pre-marriage counseling to couples retreats specifically focused on strengthening your intimate connection. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation to determine which program is right for you.