Tarah and EJ have a passion for helping couples navigate the complex world of relationships. With the amount of knowledge they possess, they decided to start the He Said She Said Podcast. Their focus is to develop a new way to connect with their ever growing client base. Episodes are both entertaining and informative, insights are shared from their own relationship and the clients they have worked with and in doing so a broad range of relationship topics are addressed. From communication to parenting, from finances to sex...having a happy and healthy relationship takes a combination of insight and action. The He Said She Said Podcast is an excellent resource for couples to learn about themselves and their partner and discover how to love each other better.



EJ & Tarah explore their beginnings as individual therapists. Falling in love with couples counseling, they focused their lives on developing healthy strategies on how to handle, manage and form a healthy relationship.


At He Said She Said, we are here to help you with your relationships difficulties. We want you and your loved one to flourish and become the best that you can be. If you are having problems at home, we want you to consider some topics to talk about. What questions do you have laying in the back of your head that you are just wanting to know more about? We are here to answer any questions and make a podcast which is customized your topic.


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What would your life be like if your relationship was stronger and you felt more connected to your spouse/partner? As a married couple in a blended family with four children, we understand the many challenges that a relationship faces. All relationships require work, and that is why we are passionate about creating a center that provides evidence-based couples therapy. We are exclusively focused on the emotional wellness of our clients and diligently work to help improve your relationship.