Top 3 Tips to Create Healthy Communication Channels

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Where does a relationship start? Most relationships begin with a certain sense of mystery. While the start of a relationship is exciting and fun, they’re also the time when you feel out your significant other, with the goal of truly learning about who they are. As you start to get deeper in a relationship, it … Continue reading “Top 3 Tips to Create Healthy Communication Channels”

Rebuilding your Relationship after Cheating

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A relationship cannot exist without trust, and nothing breaks trust faster than cheating. When trust is violated and a person cheats in a relationship, it shatters it, turning it into something much different then it was before. Although you may not be able to see a future, it is possible for a couple to overcome … Continue reading “Rebuilding your Relationship after Cheating”

He Said She Said Counseling – How It Began

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He Said She Said Counseling Center was created by two therapists, Tarah and EJ Kerwin, who have over 25 years of combined experience in the counseling field.  Tarah and EJ, a married couple and blended family with four children felt passionate about creating a counseling center that exclusively focused on emotional wellness of couples and … Continue reading “He Said She Said Counseling – How It Began”