He Said / She Said Retreats

A fulfilling weekend devoted to building and enhancing intimate connection

He Said She Said retreats are located in charming and quaint settings around the world where couples take the opportunity to get away from their busy lives and shift their focus to one another. These retreats are a romantic getaway intended to help couples reconnect in an emotionally safe environment. Tarah and EJ help couples explore a broad range of topics focused on deepening their intimate bond.

Topics covered on retreat may include:

  • Making the relationship a priority
  • Cultivating fun and playfulness
  • Building trust and honesty
  • Keeping intimacy & passion alive
  • Healthy communication and conflict resolution skills
  • Life Goals and values
  • Friendship, appreciation and respect
  • Mindfulness, compassion, and acceptance

The cost of our retreats is $4,000.00

This includes:
4 Days & 3 Nights in a quaint and romantic setting where couples are engaged in a small group setting learning and utilizing relationship building skills designed by Tarah & EJ.

Cost includes shuttle service to and from the airport, lodging, and all meals.

Additional inclusions:
-HSSS Retreat Manuel (Relationship Resources and Relationship Building Exercises)
-1 Follow-up 50-MInute Face to Face or Facetime Session 30-45 days following the retreat.

We offer a 30-Minute Complimentary Consultation at our office to discuss our programs & services.

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What would your life be like if your relationship was stronger and you felt more connected to your spouse/partner? As a married couple in a blended family with four children, we understand the many challenges that a relationship faces. All relationships require work, and that is why we are passionate about creating a center that provides evidence-based couples therapy. We are exclusively focused on the emotional wellness of our clients and diligently work to help improve your relationship.