Sex Therapy – Interview with Sex Therapist Jessa Zimmerman

Sex and intimacy are aspects of a relationship that all couples struggle with. It is also an area of our lives where we receive limited and often destructive and unhelpful messages as a child and adult. By deepening your understanding and ability to communicate with your partner about the intimate aspects of your relationship, you create the ability to give and receive love in a way that makes you feel deeply connected and fulfilled.

In this episode Tarah and EJ interview Jessa Zimmerman a nationally certified sex therapist (AASECT), author of “Sex Without Stress,” and host of “Better Sex”. In this informative episode, they address several issues, including.

  • What is a sex therapist?
  • How should couples go about finding a sex therapist?
  • What are common sexual struggles?
  • The “universal problem” of different sex drives.
  • Why couples struggle to talk about sex.
  • Two types of desire.
  •  Creating a new atmosphere for your sexual relationship.


Jessa Zimmerman

Sex Without Stress

Better Sex Podcast

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