Top 3 Tips to Create Healthy Communication Channels

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Where does a relationship start?
Most relationships begin with a certain sense of mystery. While the start of a relationship is exciting and fun, they’re also the time when you feel out your significant other, with the goal of truly learning about who they are. As you start to get deeper in a relationship, it becomes more likely that you end up having issues. This occurs because you and your significant other become used to each other so you feel like you don’t have to try, the sun fades away and the cloudy grey skies arise. However, you can make it so your relationship remains as wonderful as it was in the beginning, with a little bit of work and communication skills.

Here are some tips on how to create healthy communication channels with your significant other:

Talk in person:
Being in a relationship, both partners should strive to properly communicate with one another. When things get serious, it sometimes makes one person in the relationship scared to confront the problem. This results in the issues you are having being held in or being confronted over a phone or through text. By keeping your issues inside, the problem will continue to be there and no closure or changes will be made to the situation. By talking about a serious issue via some roundabout method such as texting, the messages you are trying to get across to your significant other can be interpreted wrong, and the lack of face-to-face give the entire conversation much less impact. Thus, it can result in having an even greater setback with the resolution of your issues. However, if you talk in person, you are able to talk slow, see facial expressions, and truly understand the nuances of communication. It can no doubt be challenging sometimes, to confront an issue in person. If you are nervous about the upcoming conversation, then it is recommended that you write down a list of things you want to say. This way, you will have a guide and be less anxious during the conversation. It’s also possible that you will end up becoming emotional, something that you will need to accept if you truly want to work out your issues. In the end, you will end up becoming closer and happier with your partner.

Be Honest:
Being honest can be difficult at times because sometimes, the truth can hurt, especially those whom you care about most. However, being truthful is much kinder than lying. When you are truthful, you can prevent things such as your significant other finding out the truth at a later time, something that will undoubtedly be even more damaging in the end. By being up front, you allow your partner to have more faith in not only you but the relationship that you two share. Remember that it is ok to be wrong. No one is perfect, and everyone makes mistakes every now and then. When you mess up, be honest and admit to it. Apologize for your mistakes and wrong doings. When you make excuses for your mistakes, it only makes it worse. By apologizing you are showing you understand what you did and you are ready to take steps that can allow wrongdoingsto hopefully move forward.

48-Hour Rule:
With every relationship, it is inevitable to fight and argue. However, in some occasions, a fight can be stopped by taking a deep breathe in. When you are upset, the only person that will know is you, unless you come up and say something to their face. Sometimes, people in relationships get upset for things that they shouldn’t get upset about. When this occurs, you should try and keep calm and wait a couple of days before jumping into a fight. By waiting and cooling off, the thing you were once super upset about might be nothing a day later. However, if you wait and are still upset then it is now clear that the thing you were upset about is something that truly needs to be addressed. At this moment, you should tell your significant other what is making you upset. Be confident in what you are saying and let your partner ask you questions if they are confused. Once your partner understands the situation, you can hopefully move forward with solutions.

What can you do to keep your relationship good?
Relationships are beautiful things, and for many, the most important aspect of their life. However, it is important to know how to deal with the ugly parts. At He Said She Said, we are committed to helping you prosper in a safe environment where you can talk about your feelings.
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